How to know how to use and position a hydraulic jack correctly?

The hydraulic jacks are metal elements essential security for people who must work under a vehicle up to change a wheel. Placing a hydraulic jack under a car and not putting it in the right way can be a great disaster, to avoid this, we leave you a guide on how to know how to use and place a hydraulic jack under your car. You can get additional details by checking out this link: best jack stands

The first thing you should do before lifting your vehicle, is to place the hydraulic jack on a surface that is flat, and that it does not slip, it must have substantial support. You can consulate the vehicle manual; in those books, there is always information about safe practices to lift your car.

It would be best if you had a hydraulic jack that supports the weight of your vehicle. This is always detailed in the product book. Then you must put the handbrake on your vehicle since this prevents it from moving when you have the hydraulic jack under it. It would help if you used a floor cat, as seen in this photo, since the traditional ones that the vehicles bring are usually not very comfortable and resistant.

You must place the hydraulic jack under a stable sector with a firm structure of the car chassis. Usually, the car has a small part in the frame very close to the wheel, and that is where you can place the hydraulic jack.

It is recommended to use at least two hydraulic jacks of the same height since, in this way, the car is supported in the same way on both sides. Then you must test each of them when they are in the right place, and you must push the car with your hand so you can see if it moves. In case it moves, you must reorient the hydraulic jacks until your vehicle is stable.

For added safety, you can place a spare tire or a wooden log under the car to support the vehicle in case it falls. It would be best if you never used blocks of cement or bricks, since being more fragile, the weight of the car can crumble them.

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